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Three Lines International Express Limited is an international express company for which the business runs worldwide especially focus its business in Greater China, including the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. By offering warehouse-to-warehouse and hold-for-pickup delivery, the all-in-one delivery service of “Three Lines” can surely meet your domestic or international freight needs.  Our services include door-to-door pickup and delivery, customs declaration and clearance.

Are you looking for convenient, expedited, reliable and secure courier service?

Three Lines” will be your best choice!  We have the extensive courier network in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong as well as Macau.  Having this advantage, you can get your shipment on time.

Three Lines” not only has the experienced and professional team in the Greater China area, but also the enormous number of courier fleets, comprehensive shipment-tracking system, extensive logistic system and network.  We are definitely your ideal business partner!

In order to be more cost-effective, shipment is charged at Hong Kong dollars. Payments need to be settled in HK$, except postage paid by addressee, so the cost of customers will not be increased due to the fluctuation of currency exchange rate.

The shipment is charged at a minimum rate of HK$5/kg. We provide a great range of products and delivery service; please contact our customer service officers for details. For quotation, please click the Online Quotation.

Providing an invoice is not necessary when create a consignment.  To make it simple and easy, customers only need to fill in the Airwaybill.



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